1. Hellooooo

so, I had a blog – but I couldn’t drive it, so I generally brain skimmed it and left it to fend for itself – which it did very poorly!! So today I thought, time to start over and taaa-dahhh here I am! I have a plan which involves actually posting regularly, but I can’t promise anything! I’m also really bad at remembering to take photos, so it should be really fun – right?


8 thoughts on “1. Hellooooo

  1. yay!
    here we (almost) all are… and only 2 years behind schedule! (and doing our own separate blogs. not the one we were all going to do together)
    but yay!

  2. wow! hey, thats a good idea – we should ALL do a blog TOGETHER!! 😀

    lovely blog post caroline, i can’t wait to read all aboot everything xx

  3. If you consider it as your notebook or work diary, it gets easyer… 😉
    I also have some very busy blogging weeks and others…not so much. That’s fine because it remains here for us to check. On Facebook, updates seem to disapear without warning, if we missed the right timeof the day…

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