2. Crotchetting

I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet for ages, just for something to do, and I finally did! With the help of this fab book recommended by the very lovely Julia Crossland and a bit of a lesson in granny squares by Mrs Odd Sox, I bought some lovely beginners acrylic ..

got my crochet kit out including a lovely new ergonomic hook which I love! My handy scissors and my yarn needles which are hiding ‘cos they are shy.

And then I needed something to make, something quick and easy without lots of faffing about with changing stitches and joining bits together, and I chose this bag from the very lovely Lucy at Attic24 and oh my, what fun! I made a slightly smaller one for my daughter, as a practise as this is the very first thing I have EVER crocheted and I’m so happy with it – I changed the strap as Milly wanted to wear it across the body – I may have invented some new stitches, but I love how it worked out … and so does Milly

and now onto one for me, mainly for the fun of making it, and the joy of colour mixing!!


20 thoughts on “2. Crotchetting

  1. Yay! Another crochet convert. Is that the Stylecraft special dk I can spot?? That Lucy has a lot to answer for 😉 Seriously your bag is beautiful. I haven’t attempted that one, it might have to go on my extremely long to do list for… One day. You are right it is extremely addictive… I’m totally addicted too.

  2. Lucy’s patterns are addictive, aren’t they. It’s the colours. They’re so beautiful and sunny.

    The bag is lovely. I like the long strap. Almost worth doing it for a handbag, isn’t it? I like that idea. Great work!

    • It is the colours, absolutely! It is why I just HAD to, we do share a love of rainbow colours! The bag went a little floppy? when I ironed it – I think it was the acrylic screaming in protest!!!

      • Best just to damp it down and shape it while it’s drying.

        It looks lovely though. Well done you! I must get on with that ripple blanket…

  3. it’s a scientific FACT that crochetting is impossible. so i think you are bloody marvellous.
    all of you that can do it: i hate you just a tiny amount.

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