Giveaway collage

As a huge thank you to all of the wonderful people who have come to support my facebook page I have made a very special original collage just for you! Well for 1 lucky winner anyway and here it is ….’Ballooning Around’


Giveaway collage


with some friends going for a ride …

Would you like to have it? would you would you? surely this is a lovely sunny art work suitable for just about anyone?

All you need to do in order to have a chance, is to tell me you favourite summer activity, or what makes you the happiest in the summertime – for me it is the sun pure and simple, walking with a warm breeze, just lovely!

So leave me a comment and you will be in the running … The collage will come framed if you are in the UK, but it will be posted without the frame if you are outside the UK.

The giveaway will be open until I draw a winner on Tuesday morning (29th)

Best of luck ….



137 thoughts on “Giveaway collage

  1. heellloooo!
    Best thing about summer is school holidays and the all family at the beach when the sun sets… *sigh*

    Good luck everyone!

    • (Posted yesterday on Facebook!)
      My favourite thing about summertime is being outside in the sun, having fun with my family, especially watching my 2.5 year old taking everything in and learning and discovering new things about his world. xx

  2. Ooh, I love a good give away! And this is gorgeous; very summery! πŸ™‚

    In the summer, I love being able to sit outside and read a good book. If the sun is shining, it doesn’t have to be hot! I also like going on little summery walks, and getting my flip flops on!

  3. My favourate thing to do in the summer is sit in the sun surronded by beautiful friends, laughter and smiles! All eatting good food, waking up to the birds singing and the world just coming alive after winter – we live in such a wonderful world!

  4. For me summer starts when you get that first taste of a cola ice-lolly, or walk along the beach with some chippies and breathe in the sea air! x That’s what i’ll be doing next week with the hubster and boy x (oh and getting as much sand off your feet as you can yet still ending up with a pile of it in the car, and in the bath a day later!!)

  5. My favourite thing about the summer is seeing my little one playing in her most frilly dress. She loves wearing dresses and objects to anything else. So when the sun comes out so does her smile!

    it’s a beautiful picture Caroline!

  6. The best thing about summer is the tinkle of children’s laughter playing (preferably naked!) with water. Love it! And the smell of suncream. And freshly mowed grass. And lilac flowers. I could go on ……!!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is totally amazing!! My favourite summer activity is to go to Perranuthnoe beach in Cornwall and have a picnic with the family like we did on our big family holidays. Then the next day I go to St Michael’s Mount and walk over the causeway and come back on the boat. Goodness knows why but I have been going there for years and I ALWAYS get the same man ‘driving’ the boat!

  8. I associate summer time with barbeques. Smelling the Charcoal heating up while we swim in the refreshing cool pool water with the sun shining down. By the time we are exhausted from swimmimg, the food would be ready and we chow down! Ahhhh Summer….my favorite time of year! πŸ™‚

  9. What a beautiful piece. We love playing in the garden; bouncing on the trampoline, our bucket BBQ sizzling those sausages and the paddling pool and sandpit keeping our little ones busy.

  10. This is quite simply gorgeous.
    My most favouritest thing in summertime has to be that amazing feeling when you open the curtains and the sun is actually shining, the skies are clear blue and you know, just KNOW, it’s already warm enough for no jumper. Anyone else have their soundtrack playing on a day like this? I’m gonna go Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince…
    K x

  11. My favourite thing this sumer time wil be our first week long camping trip. Yah!! looking forward to a nice glass of wine at the end of the day outside the tent, bliss.

  12. This is amazing. My best thing about summer is walking along the coast with the sun shining above and the sea sparkling below. Fabulous.

  13. What makes me happiest in the summer is being at our little caravan in Wales, my boyfriend and I and our kids (5 between us!), having a picnic by the river and building damns and splashing around!

  14. My favourite activity is just sitting in the garden whilst my little girl enjoys playing in her sandpit and the only sound is that of laughter and birds tweeting in the trees x

  15. in general, my favourite thing about the summer is that i don’t have to walk around all encumbered by 34095805968 layers of clothing and a blanket.
    in my head, my favourite activity is to sit in some dapped shade and/or warm sunshine, reclining on a steamer chair, perhaps reading a magazine, with a tall glass of something cold and lots of ice. this version of myself also wears linen and skips through meadows.
    in reality of course i am usually wearing filthy cutoff denim shorts and one of the misters shirts, sweating up a storm, digging over the entire garden or building a shed or sutchlike with frizzy wild afro-hair πŸ™‚

  16. I love having BBQs in the summertime and having all my friends and family around enjoying themselves…Happy days πŸ™‚

  17. A trip to The seaside with family and friends…picnics..sancastles..ball games..a dip in the sea..beach walks and late sunsets….just bliss…xXx

  18. The best thing about summer is going to festivals.. spending the day sitting around in the sunshine, sipping Pimms and chatting to friends with music in the background, and the evening dancing all night with people who you’ve known for five minutes but suddenly everyone is everyone’s best friend! x

  19. Anywhere, as long as i’m with my kids and our dog -pure joy. I don’t need lots of money, just the countryside or by the sea, a bit of sunshine and i’m happy.

  20. The utter joy of my girls splashing around in there pool is priceless!!! and just melts my heart.
    Oh and my daughter has just said “oh wow mummy how cool please get me one” Olivia age 5

  21. For me its not having what looks like a Chinese laundry in my house because yay I can hang it outside on the line! But its also school fetes, ice creams, picnics, warm sunny evenings and weddings.

  22. My favorite summertime activity is camping! We are so blessed to be able to spend these weekends with our boys. Of course the tie for camping is the beach ,but alas, I am outnumbered in the choice between the two. πŸ™‚

  23. Beach, sand between my toes, sun, flip flops, bright colours all around, music in the background and hanging out with those I love the most!

    Caroline, I LOVE this!

    Good luck everyone! πŸ˜€

  24. My summer starts when I can go barefoot all day, my children have no school and evenings enjoyed water games and going to sleep late watching the stars.

    And on the collage I can only say it’s so beautiful, it would be a perfect gift for my godson.

  25. I love to sit in the garden chatting with my other half on a summer’s evening. A rare moment of peace and tranquility!

  26. sitting on the lawn with an ice cold glass of RosΓ© and a good book – being 9 months pregnant the longing for the RosΓ© is quite intense, I have been waiting a while for it lol.

  27. My favourite summertime activity is building sandcastles on the beach and walking through the waves on the beach with my son Theo (aged 3).

  28. Gorgeous art !
    Love watching the kids splashing in the paddling pool, or painting the patio with water. Walking in the sunshine making the most of the warmth. The world is a brighter & happier place when the sun shines especially if you can get a Mr Whippy !!

  29. Fantastic piece of work Caroline – thought I’d have a go too!

    My recent favourite summery thing is doing my artwork outside in the garden, listening to the birds singing!!

  30. Gorgeous giveaway, Caroline! What do I love about summer? I love the long summer holidays and precious days spent with my kids who are growing up way too fast – ice creams, picnics, water fights, long walks and just sitting with a good book in the shade of a tree…

  31. Perhaps a bit weird but grass and trees are my favourite things about summer. Theres nothing quite like sitting under a shady tree with grass between your toes πŸ™‚

  32. My favourite summer activity is playing in the paddling pool and having a water fight with my 2 children. Squeals of laughter being the best sound!

  33. oooh so many lovely lovely happy sunny replies!! Thank you all so much! Due to reading them all, I have been forced to take a day off tomorrow to sit in the sun …. you can reach me on the patio ….

  34. This is gorgeous!
    My favourite thing about summer when the weather is nice enough is packing up the car, full of gear and spending a day at the beach, its our 2 boys favourite place, we always take a picnic and spend the whole day there. I love the smell of suncream on thier skin and sand in thier hair. We always get the best fish and chips too before we head home. Our little girl arrived in November last year and can’t wait to take her this summer! xxx

  35. Wow! you’ve done it again! Best part of summer is going to the park with a picnic and enjoying the weather with the family, then slowly all the friends you’ve made turn up as they’ve gone for a walk but end up staying and having a cold drink and a snack and as you look round you see your true family πŸ™‚ ( I’ve made some pretty good friends and just had to share) but well done on the hot air balloon, who ever wins it will be very lucky xx

  36. A truely beautiful picture!
    My favourite thing about summer, is seeing my children playing in the garden, running in and out of the sprinkler and their laughter echoing around the house because all of the windows are open. Lazy afternoon’s, BBQ’s with friends and family and long cold drinks.
    My Favourite place to go in the summer is Southwold, we love to walk along the beach infront of the beach huts and decide which one is a favourite – Happy days x

  37. Oooh lovely, I adore all of your work and this is no exception! How fab to be in with a chance of owning it, thank you!

    It’s simple really – my favourite place in summer has to be out in our little back garden watching my gorgeous son discovering the world: from his look of sheer wonderment when he was 10 months old and seeing bees/butterflies/blossom fall like confetti in the warm breeze for the first time; to his 3 year old self now exploring (and trampling over my plants!), fetching me wriggly worms, making dens and climbing the tree. All magical moments, all memories I wish I could bottle and replay when I’m feeling blue. Oh, and me with a cold glass of wine and my hubby doing a BBQ tops it off nicely :o)

    Good luck everyone! x

  38. Last summer my daughter was only tiny and I spent all my time worrying about suncream and hats and weather it was okay to breastfeed in the park! This summer she is running around and I have to chase her to get the suncream on. She’s such a happy little soul and I think my favourite thing to do this summer will be to just play with her outside -a lot!

  39. What a beautiful piece of work, my baby girl would love it, she’s a massive balloon fan! I love the smell of sunscreen on my baby’s skin and listening to her giggle as the dog comes at us soaking wet from the lake! We love summer walks around the lake mimicing(I think that’s how it’s spelt) ducks πŸ™‚ xx Leona

  40. Chilling in the garden, watching the children in the paddling pool and sandpit and getting the b b q out.x
    Lovely picture.x

  41. walking around barefoot – I especially love the scrunch of the grass under my toes πŸ™‚ dreaming of summer from a dreary wet autumn …

  42. the best thing about summer is BARE FEET!

    and also that there’re 875387487978 extra hours in the day, and you have 78498% more energy to fill them πŸ˜€

  43. Little markets that hide all winter, first bit of sun and BAM they appear in all their local cheese and arty glory. And picnics, gosh I love picnics, strolling through the countryside with a huge wicker basket, sun on your back, and the joy of a blanket and tiny triangular sandwiches, Pimms, custard creams and friends ^_^ nobody even cares about lugging said hamper or blanket back because it’s totally worth it.

  44. days that go on forever… warmth, ice cold lager, birdsong, sleeping with the windows open, feeling carefree, summer holidays from school, dappled shadows on the lane, long woodland walks, sand and sea, hazy days, making memories, colours, friends, kids, fish, optimism, the smell of possibility…


  45. My favourite thing in the summer is sitting on the decking in the evening with some fruity cider, watching the fairy lights twinkling and listening to the cats chasing pebbles.

  46. My favourite thing the summer is being barefoot on the beach and pushing my toes through the warm sand to find the cool sand underneath, preferably while reading a really good book at the same time.

  47. What a gorgeous giveaway! My fave thing about summer is that it generally seems to make everyone feel happier, I always feel a lot brighter and everything in life seems lovely when the sun is out πŸ™‚ x

  48. Love this! My favorite thing has to be reading a good book in the sunshine, slight breeze. The smell of freshly cut grass too πŸ™‚ Makes everyone feel so much more positive when it’s sunny.

  49. It’s simple
    The smell of coconut sun cream, the hiss of the BBQ and the musical sound of my twins laughing Ahhhhh xx

  50. I think your idea of ‘ballooning around’ on a sunny day looks wonderful! But in the real world where I don’t have my own personal hot air balloon…. I would have to say I love being able to walk around my garden barefoot, I love not having to wear shoes!!

  51. I love pottering around the garden in the slightly cooler evenings, with the sun fading and the smells of the flower beds having just been watered. I should add that this is best done in bare feet, sipping a glass of something cool and fruity whilst you pad about πŸ™‚

  52. I’m not a sun worshipper at all… So… Sitting in the shade with a chilled drink and a good book while my girls and their Dad barbecue up a feast. Bliss πŸ˜€

    Just discovered you on FB, love your collages. So fresh looking. I’ll probably show up as whoopidoo over there but you have a new liker πŸ˜‰

  53. I love summer mornings, when I go downstairs and throw all the doors and windows open! I also love anticipating a visit to the seaside (which is a long way from Bedfordshire!)
    Gorgeous collage Caroline… so pretty!

  54. I LOVE the collage! Giraffes and elephants are especial favourites! πŸ™‚
    I love Summer for feeling the grass beneath my feet and hearing the birds in the trees and sitting still and feeling safe and warm and happy!

  55. my little daughters curly hair. Its usual fluffy messy state turns into a super curly head of perfect blonde curls from the sweaty, salty, suntan-lotiony heady concoction of children and summer.

  56. What makes me happiest in the summertime is picking the kids up from school, going home, getting on our cozzies, getting the paddling pool out and playing under the sprinkler. Sadly, this year has a hose pipe ban but we’ve still had tons of fun shooting each other with water guns. Happy faces all round! X

  57. Ohhhhh caroline how gorgeous is this!!!! Soooo summery xxx
    My pastime in summer is the same as you, walking with the summer breeze through my hair! Oh and a nice cold glass of pimms lol x

  58. OOOoh this is right up my street! My favourite thing about summer is lazy days on the beach, buckets and spades, picnics, huge sunhats and not having to look at the clock even once! Pure slice fo heaven!

  59. sunny days are best spent out of the sun for me – I’m as pale as a very pale thing that can;t be in the sun for long or they turn to a lovely shade of lobster… so my favourite thing to do in the summer is keep away from the sun and enjoy the productivity hermitism allows! πŸ˜›

  60. I love swimming, being in water and the summer is the only time I feel like swimming really. There’s nothing like breaking the surface of a cool pool when you’re melting. I also love a picnic in the park on a warm but breezy day. I don’t like it too hot but I do love the sun.

  61. I adore hot air balloons! This is a charming piece. My favorite summer moment: an afternoon sitting outside on the deck warmed by the sun and cooled by a light breeze, consumed by a book, surrounded by the smell of freshly cut grass and the plaintive coo of the morning dove. Days like that make me feel alive. And very zen. πŸ™‚

  62. I love the collage, its gorgeous. In summer I love going to the park for a picnic on a warm but not hot day. I also love swimming. There’s nothing like cool water on a hot day!

  63. For me the lovely thing about summer is not having to wear socks of tights– bare feet in sandals especially walking on the beach feeling the sand between your toes!

  64. My absolute favourite things about summer is picnics. Finding a nice spot to sit, the kiddies all running around picking daisies, helping ourselves to bowls of fruit and sandwiches. What a perfect way to spend the day!

  65. A large glass of Pimms on ice, my children playing in the garden, a traditional BBQ on coals, with a home-grown salad from our veggie patches, all in the gorgeous sunshine – Heaven! X

  66. Summer is my favourite season, there are so many things I love about it. Being able to wear my summer dresses, pottering about in the garden, days out to the coast and Mr Whippy 99’s. Love the collage x

  67. My favourite summer time activity is walking along the beach just along the water’s edge where the waves are breaking, and playing jump wave πŸ™‚

  68. what makes me happiest in the summertime is getting home from work and being able to relax in the sun in the garden with a chilled beer or glass of wine. All my worries just seem to float away when I do that. Bliss!

    Thank you for a perfect giveaway Caroline πŸ™‚ x

  69. My favourite thing about Summer is the long evenings.Suddenly there is a world of possibility for walks and barbecues and ice cream in those after work hours that somehow just don’t exist in the Winter.

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  71. My favourite thing to do in the summer is visit the seaside! Love going to Southwold and sitting in a rented beach hut, watching the world go by!

  72. My favourite thing to do is cycle with our dog (we live in holland, this is normal! πŸ™‚ and then stop in town for a refreshing drink.

  73. My favorite thing to do in early summer is to plant the pots and beds with glorious color in preparation for the backyard barbecues and swimming!

  74. This is beautiful & would look georgous in Sophies bedroom. I love the summer, all of it but the best thing for me is the lighter evenings more time to spend enjoying activies with my family

  75. river rafting in the great state of Idaho – Middle Fork of the Salmon River!
    waking up in our tent and hearing the river rushing by and smelling breakfast cooking over an open fire!

  76. my favorite thing in the summer is sitting and relaxing in the evening (I live in Israel so during the day it’s too hot to sit outside) on our bench in the garden eating watermelon and watching my boys playing.

  77. On a lovely sunny day we pack a picnic and head off to Dittisham. There lies ‘Edith’, our Devon yawl. The sun is shinning, birds singing and there is a gentle breeze. We go for a lovely sail and anchor in some little bay or cove for our picnic. We are kind to the environment and in turn it gives back to us…….we may see egrets, commorants and if we are lucky Sammy the seal comes to join us!!! What a lovely day!!

  78. What a beautiful collage, and reading through everyone’s posts has made me feel warm & fuzzy! I love nothing more than to be at home, surrounded by family and friends for an afternoon bar-b. Kids playing on the grass and adults sipping elderflower prosecco! The best bit though is watching the sun go down, lighting the fire pit, and then watching all the stars a twinkling. Pure bliss. X

  79. Sitting in the sun with friends enjoying a nice drink or two and then smooshing up in a nice warm jacket as it gets a little colder, going to the beach and building sandcastles and finally going for a drive in the countryside with the windows down and the wind blowing in my hair πŸ™‚
    Amazing collage Caroline as always! Lots of love x

  80. Oh how I would adore to own this and put it on the wall in my little girls room. My favourite thing to do in the summer is to dip my toes in the paddling pool watching my little girl splashing about, drinking Pimms and scoffing strawberries! πŸ™‚

  81. Hello!
    My fave thing to do in summer is chill with my little family, I’ve been doing my garden and teaching my 1 year old how to water plants. It’s lovely watching her learn!

    Fantastic print. I will be treating myself to some more soon.

  82. Hello,

    My favourite thing is getting up early, popping up to the allotment (in the sunshine) and sitting, taking time to watch the birds digging up the worms and the clouds floating through the sky. Then getting up and with a sigh digging yet more weeds out of the plot. It all feels so much better in the sunshine.

    Love your work.

  83. My most favoritist thing about summer is the garden that grows, with the vegetables that I can see getting bigger every day, and the different colors of flowers that seem to bloom in my garden all at the same time. I’m going out to look at it, again!

  84. Nothing makes me happier on a summer day than watching my gorgeous little girl running around on the grass with her beautiful smile. πŸ˜€ xxx

  85. My favourite thig about summer is the wonderful day trips on the weekend with my family. Taking them to the places we went when we were small – sharing my memories with them and creating new ones. Jumping waves at the seaside like I used to with my Papa, buying ice cream from the man in the shop that served me when I was a little girl. I love it all – from getting the car packed to the constant ‘are we nearly there’ cries! Can’t beat happy family days πŸ™‚ x

  86. The best thing for me about this summer is that I am lucky enough (at the moment) in that I don’t have to get up for work, every day is a weekend, meaning I can FINALLY have time to do my garden and more importantly actually ENJOY sitting in it! Pure bliss! Especially when the birds come to visit me! Oh and the toad from last summer is here again too which is brilliant! LOVE the balloon art by the way too! PLEASE pick me! xxxx

  87. Ooh the best thing about summer is a white wine spritzer with friends at the local pub, whilst all the children have a jolly time on the play equipment. After that, wandering home and having a lovely tasty chicken and mango salad in the garden with a hubby. Bliss…

  88. I just love being able to leave the house without having to wrap up. Flip flops and a cardi and off I go! Your work is so cheery Caroline, it makes me smile. Thank you.

  89. Love the collage. Polka dots and elephants…two of my very favourite things. POLKA dots and summer, just go so well together (though I’ve never had the figure for an itsy bitsy teeny weeny tiny polka dot bikini….:-(…..!!!!! ) The summer for me, means time with family and friends…..long, warm evenings….fresh early mornings!!! And….polka dots…lots of lovely re and white polka dots!!! ❀

  90. I would love to win this, it’s beautiful. Best thing about summer is lolling around in the garden with my 1 year old daughter in her swimming cossie, happily splashing around in a plastic tub of water – who needs expensive toys πŸ™‚

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  92. I love it when you are too hot and the feeling of cold pair of birkinstocks or when you dig your feet into the sand and you find the cool sand. Eating ice cream sliders with the kids and trying to eat before they melt and a mojoto, just the joy of a well mixed mojoto.

  93. Hi Caroline, so glad I haven’t missed this, what a gorgeous giveaway! My favourite things about the summer are the sun first and foremost – I do love to feel the heat, the smell of freshly cut grass and walking along the beach on holiday looking for little ‘treasures’ amongst the rockpools when the tide is out! Jenny x

  94. What a lovely collage, thanks for deciding to give it away. My favourite thing in the summer is watching the swifts zooming round doing their amazing aerobatics, ridding the skies of the scum of the bug universe. They’re as fast as little jet fighters but can still turn on a sixpence, all the time squeeing with excitement. What makes then even more remarkable is that, once they’ve fledged, their little feet never touch down for two whole years! They even sleep in flight! Such amazing little creatures who put on some wonderful entertainment right over our house every summer.

  95. My favourite thing about summer is sitting in the garden watching the children splashing around in the paddling pool. Its such a special time (as we dont really have much of a summer) they dont seem to be able to do it that often.
    I love the collage, I’m actually going in a hot air balloon in June over Lake Windermere so it would be lovely to win!

  96. My favourite things about summer are open windows and doors, listening to bird song, enjoying a cuppa sitting in the sun, watching my garden transform into fab colourful blooms and not taking any of it for granted!

  97. I love our Andalucian summer. In the middle of June our village outdoor pool opens and I love taking my little monster there for the afternoon we spend all the time in and out the pool. There is bar there too so I treat myself to a lovely cold G&T and some tapas and my little monster enjoys a icecream. Water play with my little man is my favourite summer activity.

  98. Best thing about summer is the cold slush puppies and ice cream :p and messing about with your family πŸ™‚ but most of all now is the waiting for my little bundle of joy to be here πŸ˜€ expecting my first baby πŸ™‚

    Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  99. This is the first summer with my daughter old enough to run around in the garden – there is nothing so lovely to watch, than seeing her run up and back, usually without a stitch of clothing on, from paddling pool to sandpit or just lying enjoying the feeling of sunshine on her skin – pure joy πŸ™‚

  100. This summer my daughter (1 year old) and I are enjoying walking in the park. We’ve swapped our winter layers for summer light wear, our socks and boots for cool sandals and instead of gloves in our hands we’ve got ice-cream cones. πŸ™‚

    p.s. That collage is gorgeous, I wish I was going ballooning with my friends ❀

  101. I love picnics in the park with a frisbee or football. Especially if it is spontaneous!
    Love this collage you are so clever!

  102. As me and my husband both have health issues, what makes me happiest in summer is just any occasion when we get to actually leave the house! Being able to go to the beach, have a little paddle, and a Mr Whippy ice cream is just amazing! You’d be surprised the places you can get a mobility scooter too haha…
    Thanks for the great giveaway, I love your work πŸ™‚ Sure to brighten up any room!
    Helen x

  103. What makes me happiest in summer is waking up to a sunny day, hearing the birds singing and getting up with an extra spring in my step to get out in the sunshine. No matter what the day holds things never seem as bad when the sun is shining. Oh, and my summer birthday is pretty good timing too.

  104. What a beautiful collage πŸ™‚
    Happy summer days for us are those spent entirely outside where toddler boy can run around to his heart’s content (preferably with his little toddler buddies) and baby boy can laze in his pram under a brolly. In a perfect world I’d be lying on a lounged with a nice frozen daiquiri but in reality I’m chasing said toddler and shooshing the grumpy baby lol!

  105. Oooh! Pretty!
    My partner and I like to go camping by the coast. We take a tent with all the essentials (kettle, tea…. that’s about it) and I take my crochet and knitting. It’s wonderful to get away from the computers, TV and supermarkets for a long weekend. Failing that, we head to our family’s holiday villa in Orlando and get stupidly hot wondering around Disney World wearing silly hats.

    Bring on the sunshine!

  106. Ah now this sounds incredibly sad! BUT….as a community nurse it’s fab to go to work in the sunshine. Driving through the countryside with sun on your face and fresh air blowing through the car! Comparing to Winter where we’re avoiding fog and floods, the sun is a welcome arrival!!! X

  107. I love the sunshine because it means fun days out with my two little ones, age 5 and 2, feeding the ducks playing on the park, in the paddling pool on the beach with me joining in all these things πŸ™‚ i love being a child with my children if that makes sense x

  108. i love being at the seaside, splashing in the sea, swimming for hours or messing around in rock pools πŸ™‚

  109. This is beautiful as always Caroline πŸ™‚ My favourite thing to do in the summer is free, and very simple; I love – absolutely love – to be outside in the sun, somewhere quiet, and to lift my face upwards with my eyes shut to hear birds singing, the breeze passing by, and feel the sunshine on my face πŸ™‚

  110. Love this colourful piece!

    Summer for me…what does it mean?
    It’s when flowers spring and leaves turn green.
    The time to go to the seashore
    or some far away place with the kids to explore.

    A hot summers day is like paradise.
    BBQs, parks and all things nice.
    Everyone is happy, at least for a while
    and upon their face there is a catching smile.

    I LOVE summertime πŸ™‚

  111. What makes me happy in the summertime? A lovely fresh thunderstorm to break the sweltering heat,. I love the smell of rain on the pavement, and it also quenches the thirst of the flowers in my garden.

  112. What makes me happy in the summertime is kicking my shoes off and going barefoot – whether on the beach or in my garden – I’m happiest barefoot as nature intended!

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