4. And the winner is …………….

I’m a so thrilled by the response to my little giveaway! I have loved reading all of the comments, they are all so full of sunshine and fun – and quite a lot of pimms!

So, I took all of the 9287326353 names – it did take awhile to write them all out! I put them in my fish box … amid the mess …

then I stuck in my hand …..

and pulled out a …..

WINNER!!!!! well done Charlotte!

Charlotte said “Hello!
My fave thing to do in summer is chill with my little family, I’ve been doing my garden and teaching my 1 year old how to water plants. It’s lovely watching her learn!”

Gorgeous!!! Thanks so much Charlotte I will be emailing you.

And thanks so much to everyone who entered, if you don’t already – why not come follow me on my facebook page to see what I am up to and for any other giveaways! It would be lovely to see you there!

I have prints of this gorgeous balloon available in my Etsy and Folksy shops right now and will have more original ones available soon too.

I hope the sun continues to shine for everyone – we will be off to Cornwall for a week on Saturday yaaaaaaaaaaay -very VERY excited! I hope the sun shines for us too!

take care x


5 thoughts on “4. And the winner is …………….

  1. Aww well done Charlotte!
    Caroline you picked the right first name wrong last name.
    I may be moving out in the near future (yay!) and I will be purchasing a print from you for my new place 😀 x

  2. OH MY!!! I have just come home from a hard day at work to see this!! I’m sooooo cheered up!!! THANKYOU. xxx

  3. I would name the owlie Miss Veronica because she is as pretty as my 19 month old grandaughter, my daughter had been tring for a very long time to have a baby due to health issues. an dshe is as smart as an owl.

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