5. goodbye 2012 – hello 2013

I know it has been forever since I was here, but basically 2012 was just such a crap year that I struggled just with the day to day, let alone any extra things. Losing my wonderful Mum in January 2012 was such a big shock and just so devastating, that I pretty much wrote off the rest of the year just to deal with it.

12 months on and I am traveling much better, which is a relief. I plan for 2013 to be full of awesome, it is taking me a little time to find my feet again, but I am starting to feel good again.

So far this year I have managed

a flock of baby owls who flew the nest very quickly!

baby owlsA teeny tiny parrot


A pirate captainpirate

both to go on a pirate ship

pirate ship

next up was a penny farthing bicycle


she needed a scarf to keep her warm in the early spring sunshine

girl on bike

and lastly – this past week has been half term, which means it is usually impossible to get any proper work done, so I made up a pile of bright birds on pegs!

birds on pegsso far so good I think!

this weekend I am going to work on a pile of drawings that I want to collage over the next 5 weeks (countdown until the easter holidays!)

also – my next giveaway will be happening on Monday – a baby owl looking for a new home !


10 thoughts on “5. goodbye 2012 – hello 2013

  1. Lovely to read your blog. I sympathise with the loss of your mum. I lost mine 8 years ago, followed four years later by the loss of my dad. I went Into a real tail spin. I’m steady now for the most part. It must be a comfort and distraction to be able to produce such lovely work, and to make so many people happy with it. I wish you all the best for the year ahead.
    Ellen x

    • Thanks so much Ellen, I’m so sorry for you loss – it is so much harder than anyone realises.
      I am very lucky to be able to lose myself in my art and use it as therapy – that and a few glasses of wine!

  2. LOVE that pirate (all of it really but especially the pirate). My mum is my bestest friend, not sure what I would do without her so I empathise greatly. Here’s to a fantastic 2013!

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