7 … And the winner is

Gaaaah – I can’t believe it, my camera isn’t working (due to a smallish child playing with it yesterday I think) So you will just have to take my word for it that I have added all of the names into my big box (can’t quite believe the response to this little giveaway)!

You need to now imagine a photo of a box held up high with my hand going into it (I really did this – and that is when I found the camera didn’t work)

Now I have pulled a piece of paper out and the name on it is …………………….


Well done Terriann, I will be contacting you to get your details.

here is Terriann’s comment (I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing, but when I just looked at it it did make me very happy that she had won but also a little teary, I’m sure you will agree that this owl is going to be very special to a little girl.

“Hi, I have always been too slow to get one of your owls as I think they are amazing. I would give the baby owl to my daughter so it can fly to heaven at night n steal a kiss from her big sister. So in the morning when lana wakes n squeezes her it will be like angel Jaime was giving her the hug n kiss. :0) xxx”

Just breaking my heart a little.


Thank you so much to everyone who did enter, I wish I could send you all an owl, there were so many wonderful names!

I will be making more in May, I usually have an email list of anyone who would like to be informed as to when I am making and listing them, so feel free to email me if you would like your name added. ( carolineroseart@gmail.com)



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