I just love to draw

I do, I really love to sit and draw. But It has been quite awhile since I had the chance to sit long enough to take one from sketch all the way through to completed drawing.

Recently I made the time, and it has reminded me of just how much I enjoy it. I have also realised that what I love to draw the most are narrative illustrations, a little story on a page, where I can sit and wonder while I draw, “who lives here? what do they like to do?” and then my imagination likes to create little stories about the picture.

I thought I would share some of my process, it is very simple.

I have lots of scribble drawings done on a variety of paper – mostly envelopes and printer paper, which are really scrappy, but the point of these scribbles is to just get the image from my head onto paper. It is often these drawings that capture the essence of the idea the best. Although sometimes they are so bad they do make me laugh!

Here is the first scribble sketch for my houses on the hill drawing.

houses 1


Nice and scrappy, on rough paper, scribbles on top of scribbles, a bit of paint (I ADORE that colour of aqua).

I then made a few more drawings, better … but not quite right.

houses 10


Finished image size is something I always fret about – do I make it metric or imperial?11″ x 14″ or A3? I decided that I prefer the proportions of A3 so that is what I went with with.

Next up, prepare the final good copy paper.

houses 2


Then I get my pencils (that is my digital palette hiding behind my spotty bowl, lots of lovely colour).

houses 3


I really need some new pencils, these are getting a but stumpy!

Now the pencilling in of the final design.

houses 4


Then I start inking it in, carefully, without breathing much

houses 5

I like that my lines aren’t perfect, they are a bit wonky and wobbly. I think this keeps it looking hand drawn and real. I chose not to use a ruler for this reason. I am naturally a neat(ish) drawer, so this works for me.

and finally, after lots of breaks to breathe and make tea and keep fresh….

TaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaa …

houses 6


I had originally called it ‘And The Moon Shone Silver’ when I was going to collage it, but I will wait and see what I do with it next. I will be playing with colouring it digitally as this is something I want to do more of. And I can always make it into a collage if I don’t like the result!

Here are some close ups.

houses 7


Lots of houses and a small castle at the top, a bit of bunting, some plants, some flags.

houses 9


The odd small resident (you can really see the wonky here!)

houses 8


And a little boat race, of course!

I hope you enjoyed the journey, I have lots more drawings to come, when I find the time to sit for long enough! I will be sharing the finished illustration when I do get it finished!



15 thoughts on “I just love to draw

  1. i thoroughly enjoyed that little journey! (and of course my favourite colour at the moment is the same shade of aqua, it’s delicious) i love the pics – seeing the process from start to finish, and the closeup photos of little details – and look forward to seeing what happens next! πŸ˜€

  2. I loved reading your post, I like wobbly lines in my drawings too. You have made me want to abandon the stitching I am doing and go draw all weekend it makes me feel like I’m six years old again!! If you put a cake shop at the top then I will happily climb, it will feel like climbing st michael’s mount for the national trust coffee and walnut cake at the top. But could we have a zip wire to get back down?

    • I think you should definitely draw all of the weekend away – and I might join you too, it is either that or more housework.
      I think that a cake shop at the top is a brilliant idea and a zip line back down is inspired!

  3. Thanks for that, I love seeing people’s creative process in action. And teeny tiny houses, my favourite and my best. Now,which one shall I live in???

    • Thanks Leonora, I am mostly self taught, I did fine art all the way through school and then at Uni as well as interior design, so lots of background. Finding my style has been fun! The more you draw the better you get, one day I will be good!!!

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