2. Crotchetting

I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet for ages, just for something to do, and I finally did! With the help of this fab book recommended by the very lovely Julia Crossland and a bit of a lesson in granny squares by Mrs Odd Sox, I bought some lovely beginners acrylic ..

got my crochet kit out including a lovely new ergonomic hook which I love! My handy scissors and my yarn needles which are hiding ‘cos they are shy.

And then I needed something to make, something quick and easy without lots of faffing about with changing stitches and joining bits together, and I chose this bag from the very lovely Lucy at Attic24 and oh my, what fun! I made a slightly smaller one for my daughter, as a practise as this is the very first thing I have EVER crocheted and I’m so happy with it – I changed the strap as Milly wanted to wear it across the body – I may have invented some new stitches, but I love how it worked out … and so does Milly

and now onto one for me, mainly for the fun of making it, and the joy of colour mixing!!